Meet the ergonomic car seat that's changing the way parents think about safety!

Here at Joie we think new parents need a little nurturing themselves. That’s why we’ve carefully designed the i-Level, the best car seat for newborns, and built into it every nuance you’re looking for. It’s specially designed for infants with all the safety and comfort features you could want. And even some you didn’t know you needed. Like a reclining seat at a 157º angle tilt for the most ergonomic position for baby; an easy conversion from carrier to carry cot, making travel a breeze; and pushchair compatibility—a major benefit over most newborn car seats on the market. The i-Level is also built with the latest safety certifications for more protection than ever. 


As parents ourselves, we know you love options when it comes to keeping your baby safe! This is why we’ve created the ultimate 2020 newborn car seat guide packed with everything you need to know when looking for the best infant car seat, like our i-Level.


 Say Hello to the All-Inclusive Features On The i-Level Infant Car Seat

Here are the key features of our i-Level infant car seat, the only one you’ll need to keep baby safe and comfortable. We’ve done your homework for you, so all you need to do is read on to see how we’ve covered every little nuance in ensuring your baby’s protection—and your peace of mind.


i-Size Certification

Okay, let’s break this down. i-Size (also known as R129/00) is the latest car seat safety standard and includes the following features, all of which are present on the i-Level infant car seat:

    • Side impact certification: designed for better head, neck and all over protection due to first-ever standardised side-impact testing
    • Smartest dummies: All-new, advanced technology crash test dummies simulate a child’s fragile body with much greater accuracy
    • Safest install: ISOFIX is required for i-Size infant carriers and combination seats. Most vehicles are equipped with ISOFIX connectors, resulting in less room for installation error and ensuring i-Size car seats will fit most ISOFIX vehicles
    • Better fit formula: Seat usage is now classified based on a child’s height instead of weight, ensuring a more accurate fit for growing children

Sleepytime tilt™ Recline

Sleepytime tilt™ lets the i-Level recline to the deepest and cosiest 157º angle for the most ergonomic position for baby—understanding that little ones should lie as flat as possible as often as possible to promote a healthy spine and improved oxygen levels.

When we say this newborn car seat includes the best of everything, we weren’t kidding. This isn’t just any lie-flat car seat; it has been specially engineered to recline to the angle that offers the best recline for the spine and the development of little lungs.


 Tri-Protect™ Protect Headrest

The Tri-Protect™ headrest is made with 3 layers of side impact protection, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam.
Essentially, we have baby covered from all angles. The specialised headrest on this infant car seat has 3 intentional layers of protection inside the side wings to keep little heads comfy, safe, and in place.


Grow Together™ Multi-Height Headrest

Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system adjusts simultaneously and requires no rethreading of the harness.
This one’s for you, parents: With just one hand, you can adjust the headrest and harness together to accommodate growing babies. They grow fast, so why not choose an infant car seat that easily grows with them?

Versatile enough to pair with multiple pushchairs

The i-Level i-Size reclining infant car seat gives you the kind of flexibility that helps you ease into parenthood with a snap. Pair it with your favorite Joie pushchair, or another compatible pushchair, for a complete newborn car seat travel system. You can still get on the road and out for a walk in an instant—even with baby in tow. 


The i-Level is compatible with the following Joie pushchairs:
Joie versatrax™ – This new pushchair offers the same kind of flexibility you’ll love in the i-Level reclining seat. With 4 in 1 multi-way usage, it adjusts to baby’s ever-changing needs, combining carry cot, infant carrier, and forward or rearward facing seat, all in one comfy ride.


Joie chrome™ dlx – Infant-friendly and hard-working, this multi-tasking gravity fold pram works with the i-Level so baby can fully recline, for a safe, snug and comfortable ride. 


Joie litetrax™ 4 – This trendy transporter has a fuss-free fold, with a convenient, one-hand instant fold to pack up and go in a flash. The super shady extendable canopy and SoftTouch harness make it a friendly option for even the tiniest riders.

If you don’t own a Joie pushchair, you’ll be pleased to know the i-Level infant car seat is compatible with other brands of pushchairs to give you a brilliantly easy car seat travel system! View the full list of pushchairs the i-Level is compatible with here!


Find out how new parents feel about the i-Level i-Size infant car seat
This resilient newborn car seat was designed with babies and parents in mind. You already have enough of a learning curve as new parents; your infant car seat should be one that you are confident is safe and comfy for your little bundle of joy. The infant car seat is the first piece of baby gear you encounter when bringing that precious package home from the hospital. From here on out, the landscape is forever changed and you will never look at life the same way as before. It’s best to plan ahead for that day so that you will feel totally confident—if not yet fully in your parenting skills, at least in the gear that you choose to secure your baby.

Here’s what parents are saying about the i-Level Infant Car Seat:
“After spending numerous months searching the web for the most practical car seat.. may I introduce the I level.. the reclining function is second to none.. hard to believe it is the only recliner on the market!”


“We had an alternative car seat that worked with our travel system, but our little one never looked comfy in it. Plus, with new I-size standards, I thought why would you not go for something that meets the most recent recommendations.


“The i-level is great! The newborn insert really snugs him in and we love the option for reclining it even whilst driving, it takes the worry out of having him in the car seat too long as it’s more like a carry cot.”


“I bought this car seat for a 10.5-hour journey to Cornwall so my 8-week old son would be comfortable in the car. It didn’t disappoint! He was able to travel in comfort, in a lying down position, rather than being hunched up and he slept all the way.”


Remember the important things, and let go of the rest
With the i-Level i-Size infant car seat, you can rest easy knowing your little one will be held with the utmost in comfort and safety as you travel. Starting with the side impact safety feature and the longer rearward facing usage, and extending to the sleepytime tilt™ that reclines to the cosiest and most ergonomic position for baby’s wellbeing. 


Then there’s the Tri-Protect™ headrest with 3 layers of side impact protection and the patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam. As your baby is sure to grow before your eyes, the Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system will “grow” along with them, adjusting simultaneously with a simple manoeuvre. And let’s not forget how compatible this convenient seat is with the new versatrax™ pushchair, making the transition from car to the sidewalk a breeze.


Simply put, we think the i-Level is the best newborn car seat around, not because we’re partial, but because of all the attention we paid to the truly important things: the safety and comfort of your precious baby.


Happy travels!